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TAO Homes – A local luxury home builder. Specialized in residential development. We build awesome luxurious houses based in Pretoria. We cover area from Pretoria to Midrand but not limited to. We are registered with below organization The TAO Homes is a leading luxurious home building contractor and developer with over 18 years of experience. We concentrate on growing outstanding custom homes and multi-unit projects. Our mission is to increase strong relationships and construct fantastic masterpieces of architecture for each & every individual client with our commitment to excellence. Only in Pretoria & Midrand Area EXAMPLES OF OUR BUILDING PACKAGES AND HOUSE DESIGNS * We shall design your own unique house for you * 180 M2 Plan and Building Package 200 M2 Plan and Building Packages 250 M2 Plan and Building Packages 300 M2 Plan and Building Package As a custom home builder, we are devoted to understanding the unique…

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Building contractors in pretoria

Pretoria is a state of spectacular art, culture and diversity. Real estate is a booming industry in the state and consequently, construction activity takes place at a rapid pace. The various cities in Gauteng are home to modern constructions as well as older ones. Most of these buildings are unique and are constructed using the latest building designs. Due to its growing popularity, Pretoria invites many new building constructions such as offices, houses, hotels and restaurants. The state requires investors, by law, to hire a building contractor before proceeding with the construction of these buildings. These contractors are required to possess certain qualifications and certificates specified by the National Home Builders Registration Council. TAO Homes building contractors are readily available all over the state due to the increased number of building constructions. 180 M2 Plan and Building Package 200 M2 Plan and Building Packages 250 M2 Plan and Building Packages…

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